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whats wrong with money in this industry? Posted on 2016-08-12 by Connor Shipp

so this is my first post to the blog here, and maybe in later courses this will be answered but why do large studios forget how to make movies, its like you here george lucas talk about special effects in the 80's and the you watch the prequels... like seriously WHAT HAPPENED? from where i stand it looks like the answer was money, too much money so much in fact they made those films by just throwing money at it until it was a complete project. there was no " you take 10 million and make it look like 100 million " mantra, there was no passion to make the best looking shot out of what you had, no touch of realness with all that CGI (not to say that CGI is bad but like a woman with make up you cake it on to a certain point you start to look unrealistic). so what happened to the john carpenter way of filmmaking? why are the 80's the peak of filmmaking and everything else feels like " yeah we made it look better but we really just sat in a room for 4 months animating a shot" and not "we carved and hardened the clay, wrpped the monster head around with silicon and covered it in KY lube." this is why aliens is a masterpiece and AVP was so forgettable you havent even seen it. but back to the subject at hand, why did this happen and how can we reverse this trend?

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