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Blog Entry #1 Posted on 2017-02-26 by Eric Ruiz

2/25/2107  CHP.1


During this chapter I learned about the some of the key elements to becoming a succseful director. It was intersesting reading about how some of the directors that I admire got their start in the film industry. This chapter aslo taught me how important a films tone is, and how camera angles, the soundtrack, or even the cast can effect the specific tone you are trying to give a film. Meeting with my mentor for the first time was a pretty pleasant experience. He showed me around the studio and introduced me to everyone. Seeing all of the equipment, and actually getting to hold it was amazing. For my first assignment at the studio I had to capture (20) 15second videos. After around the 10th video I was having a harder time finding interesting things to capture. So I had to get a little creative. I probably shouldn't have done this but I really wanted to film a copule of ducks, so  I had to sneak through a contstuction site to get to the river. Whatever it takes to get the shot, right? After that, they had me mop the floors of the studio. There was really nothing else going on so I didn't mind at all. A couple of days later I help shoot some interviews at the SuerBowl, so it's something different everyday, and I really enjoy that. Since then I have helped with a photoshoot and a music video, so they keep me pretty busy.  All the people iv'e worked with so far are great. If my mentor is busy they are always willing to help with any questions I might have. I guess the ony cahllenge i'm having is managing my time. I just feel like with work, school, and being at the studio 4 days a week, it gets a little overwhelming. I know its just something that takes a little getting use to.Besides that, i have absolutely zero complaints. I'm so happy being at Film Connection. For the longest time being in the film industry was a dream, and only that. This program is giving me the oppurtunity to make that dream a reality. Now it's only a matter of time.  

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