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Assignment/blog 17 Posted on 2013-05-24 by Steve Stark

This lesson brings me up to date and is about production design, costuming, makeup, and how to talk with your production designer. I learned that although you may have a great picture of the set design or location is louzy so will the film.  Just because you have great lighting and great audio doesn't mean the audience will like the picture.  We talked about different techniques used to hide unsightly objects or problems.  I learned how costumes and makeup are important and why they are used.  I would someday like to be able to really get involved with this part.  Doing a time piece or horror flick using zombies, vampires whatever will be awesome.  

I have been an automotive technician for almost 11 years.  The knowledge I have gained in said field will prove beneficial to my new business endeavor.  I have formed my LLC, Stark Productions LLC at this point.  I have devoted a lot of time into this new field and look forward to where it will take me.  I love movies and will love making them.  

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assignment/blog 16Posted by Steve Stark on 2013-05-24

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