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Tough Times, but progress! 1/16/15 Posted on 2015-01-17 by Sarah Whitaker

1/16/15 2:30-8:30

Yeah, my mentor hit a rough patch this past month and we've been helping one another get back on track for the movie. Sorry about the lack of posts. It's been a rough holiday season for both of us.

ROAD TRIP! Made a drive to Missouri to meet with the guy making my Plague Doctor mask for Plague of Valmy. The man's name was Dennis Butt (insert joke here). The guy has made some insane costumes including a Predator outfit which he shows off at conventions. We met through Jame's sister and the guy was willing to make the drive to St. Joseph to meet me halfway to talk about the mask.

I live in Council Bluffs, so it was about a two hour drive each way, but considering the man's work, he was worth it. Very professional and I'm using the advice I have been learning in the cirriculum about being workable about artistic vision. He really knows his craft. So long as he doesn't compromise quality of the mask or make life harder for my actors (because I plan on filming in the summer), I'm down for whatever he can come up with. He read the script and had some REALLY cool suggestions for the mask.

I can't wait! ^_^

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