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Nebraska Grants?! Heck YESH! Posted on 2015-02-07 by Sarah Whitaker

Still waiting on the final design of the mask, but I found out something very interesting. Certain locations in Nebraska give grants to those who want to film! The downside? ... I'm... going to have to likely make an entertainment company in order to be legit. x_x

Dear God, I'm not ready for this just yet! I was gonna wait until my final MS for the LA trip was about done before even thinking about this! None the less, it's going to take less time to do this than to go for a kickstarter campaign.

It's also been dead slow. I've been learning a lot about scriptwriting from the Nebraska Writers Association and their other groups, but they aren't counting towards my hours. I got to get Valmy off the ground. Between Fred's assignments and James', I haven't been able to focus on the main cirriculum. Still learning a lot, I just don't know how I'm going to finish all this in time... :(

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