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Big Project Day 3 Posted on 2016-09-15 by Jason Issel

John messed up the file format it was shot on, and told me the wrong settings in the conversion process...So I had to start all over from scratch on this project. I got the dailys done quickly. I spent all day working on the color correction. After that I had issues were one of the actors wasn't on mic when he should have been. So I had to use the female actoress mic and that made his mic sound terrible. So I had to spend a good amount of time on audition working with the sound, it had massive echo problems, and terrible backround sounds. I got all that put together, and finally got the rough cut done. We are waiting on the animiations to be done to finish it. Very glald to put this project behind me. Nothing wen't right on this project. It was a mess. If it were up to me I would have told him reshoot it.

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