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Major: Film

Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas since the age of 7 I, Adrian Rasheed have had a passion in storytelling and film. At the age of 8 I connected 2 VCRs to a TV and started making remixes of my favorite cartoons that I called special effects tapes. I acted in plays in middle school and wrote short stories, song lyrics, acted out stories with peers and making comic books although I suck at drawing lol.

I learned early on that art and entertainment was what I wanted to be involved in whether it was video games, film, music or poetry. Around the age of 12 when I got my first computer I began editing footage of my favorite shows and making music videos in my spare time as well as short films featuring myself, family and friends.

After high school I went to college and it wasn't for me so I didn't continue and started working. I worked in healthcare for 7-8 years while still writing, filming little shorts, making dvds and editing footage to make them music videos. I also performed stand up comedy and some hip hop music. I lost my way for some time and lost focus but after time and reflection I redirected myself toward something I've wanted to do for most of my life. FILM!!!

Finally here we are at present day. I drove all the way from Arkansas to Los Angeles, California to pursue film where it's obviously much more of a big deal. I found my way to The Film Connection and discovered a new avenue to jump start my career into film. I have this idea in my head that the many ideas for movies, cartoons, video games, tv shows and music that I have are worth a nice chunk of money (20 billion lol) so I'm here to learn the craft, make connections, sharpen my sword and see just how right I am about that. You're more than welcome to keep up with me as I journey through life trying to make my dreams a reality. I've lived life and got to see it through a very unique angle which I am to this day still grateful for and I hope to soon share my unique perspective with the world as an Autuer lol.


So far I've worked as a production assistant and a camera assistant. I've edited so many videos in the past that I've got quite a lot of experience so even though I'm in the filmmaking program you're welcome to contact me for editing jobs or just to collaborate. 

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