Mark SalcidoLos Angeles Film Connection

Major: Screenwritings

Hello on looker from the internet clouds,

As you might be aware of, I go by the name of Mark Anthony Salcido…screenwriter.  Let me answer your first question, yes I am that Latin singer. And by “yes” I mean “no”. Now since I’ve desperately tried to force a chuckle out of you, we can get to brass taxes. I am student of the lovely Film Connection program, studying the master art of screenwriting. To give some background, I have been writing since I was roughly the age of 11. Now these were mainly poems, short stories and essays. As time went on I started to dabble in the concept of screenwriting and have been doing this for about 5 years. Many of these years were spent being self taught but I came to this program to better hone my skills in plot develop and working in different types of genres.

To put in bluntly I am a lover and admirer of the art of cinema, from the smallest obscure films to the biggest money burning blockbusters.  No matter what it is, I love to dissect and study films. My personal feeling is that a good writer will feel so strong about his work that he/she will bleed everything into it. That person will spend time over time working out every single detail, of characters, location where the story is set and even backgrounds. Essentially, creating a whole world, within their mind, for the audience to view and enjoy.

I wish to bring my talent and skills out there in the world of film content, whether it is for television, theaters and the internet. I tend to right dark/black comedies but have toyed with ideas in the genre of drama, Sci-Fi and action. So if you want to work with someone, who all his life bleeds film, stories and ideas, than, I am your man. Don’t be afraid, the water’s fine and let’s take a dip.