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My name is Nico, i am a film geak, i live, breath and watch movies every day. I want to become a film director in time, but i expect to work my way up.

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Nico Mory

3rd day of editing Posted by Nico Mory on 2015-06-25

Today at Make It HappenProductions i learned about the important aspects of organizing your media, before you put it tougether, if you are disorganized than you are going to have a tough life in this position... Read More >>

Nico Mory

the charecturPosted by Nico Mory on 2015-06-13

lurning about myth and how to bring a story to life is an interesting subject to learn, i always wondered how these great ideas came to my head, but the interesting was howmuch disipline it takes to learn this... Read More >>