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Pre-Production Posted on 2017-07-14 by Kari Kennon

Now that I have a rough idea as to what I want to film in August, I have to cooridnate a number of different realms.  First of all, I have to keep writing to expand on some of the parts that I want to make a "trailer" out of.  I'm at peace with the fact that what I'm on the verge of doing is probably more along the lines of rudimentary promotional material rather than polished finished product.  It's really nerve racking in a way because a friend of mine who was mentioned in the script is interested in coming to Louisiana to help me pull this off and I'm in a hurry to get the technical aspects of the lighting and the camera work together before she gets here.  Heck this may not even happen this year.  I don't know. I'm working with a 10 year old Canon XH A1 that I never really mastered even 10 years ago when I got it.  The issue is that it uses mini DV tapes rather than an SD card.  It would be so much easier to just stick an SD card into my computer and edit from there.  I'm factoring in costs for cords and adaptors that will allow me to edit more easily.  I also bought a slate and some light stands from AMAZON.  So far I haven't spent too much money but I'm also going to have to buy Adobe or Final Cut.  I have made a connection with a friend who is certified in Adobe Premiere so that will be very helpful to use her as a reference point.  More than anything I want to make my friend's time worthwhile if she decides to visit.  Collaboration and friendship are reallyt the morals to my story.  I have recieved so much joy by exchanging written scenes with her.  She is one of the first collaborative writing partners I have had and we are both on the same wavelength.  Even if we don't get polished material done in August, I hope that we have a lifetime of exchanges to look forward to.  Life is beaufiul and tragic and God bless us all who have the courage to put ourselves out there. 

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