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Synopsis for an idea Posted on 2018-03-22 by Brady Goudy

Here's the synopsis for an animated TV series I'm planning on making.

Realm of Games

Josh Anderson is a fifteen-year-old, expert video gamer that is very eager to play a new video game called Realm of Games. After the game is released, Josh manages to unlock an adorable superhero girl, named Hope, as his avatar for the game. But, miraculously, Hope manages to come out of the video game as flesh and blood and asks Josh to help her stop a threat that’s in the process of taking over the realms in the game. Unable to get into contact with the people who created the game, Josh recruits his friends, Chris Orlando, Alex Fredrickson, and Kevin Williams to take matters into their own hands and stop the threat themselves.


 They make their way into the game and travel to different realms to recruit characters strong enough to help them take on the threat. They manage to recruit Alex’s character named Maximus, a strong and compassionate gladiator, from the Realm of Prehistorics, Chris’s character named Princess Rosaleen, a powerful sorcerer that has a huge crush on Chris, and Kevin’s character named Lord Grim, an evil, skeleton warlord turned loving father figure towards Kevin, in the Realm of Quests. Throughout their journey, they recruit Chris’s older and energetic sister, Margaret, and her intimidating, but caring pirate character, Alejandro, in the Realm of Exploration. Chris also manages to get a tough high school bully, named Trevor Gregory to join them with his gritty, revenge-driven bounty hunter character, Franklin Ray. Together, they travel to the Realm of Heroes to take down a power-hungry hacker, named Keith Walker, and his almost unstoppable super-villain character, named Smoke Screen, from taking control over all the realms and, possibly, the real world.


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