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Born and raised in Calgary, Christine Chen is an alumnus of the Academy program at Mount Royal University Conservatory and the Calgary Youth Orchestra. As a child, she participated in competitions such as the Canadian Music Competition and has won many awards in the Kiwanis Festival. She completed her Bachelors of Music in Performance with distinction at the University of Calgary and is currently pursuing her Masters in Music Performance under Edmond Agopian at the University of Calgary. She also studied piano as a second instrument with Lana Henchell at the University of Calgary. During her studies, she had the opportunity to play for guest artists such as the Zodiac trio, Danish String Quartet, Jonathan Crow, and Su Tien Da. Christine is also a recipient of the Marilyn Perkins Awards in Music, Art & Drama  In 2016, she received a certificate from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Digital Audio. She currently is also pursuing a certificate in directing, producing and screenwriting from the film school The Film Connection based in Los. Angeles U.S.A. 

Christine is an active musician performing around the city in theater plays, popular music concerts, weddings, corporate events and for associations such as the Taiwanese Association and the Alberta Chinese Zither Association. She has played as a backup musician for artists such as Canadian singer Michael Fitzgerald and astronaut Chris Hadfield. She also enjoys teaching violin, piano and music theory in her own private studio. She is also a philanthropist with her volunteering program Melody Express, where she provides a platform for musicians and studios to contribute their love for the community through music. Aside from music, she volunteered with Shaw TV operating cameras, running graphics, switchboard and directing in workshops, studio shows such as Soundscape and Calgary Now, live to on-air shows and other events around the city.

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