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My first week Posted on 2016-05-29 by Allison Frosh

For some reason my blog post did not save, so here I go again!

My first week with the Film Connection has been better than I expected. I went into this with not too high expectations because, well, not everything is always as good as it sounds. After I reviewed my Ebook and had my orientation with Jacob I was so excited! All of the tools that are offered in the lessons are amazing. I love that I can underline things that I find important or need to remember (and can also erase). I really like how I can book mark things as well. There is a dictionary handy which is wonderful for me since I do not have the best vocabulary, I wish I could say I did. Along side the right there are all of the hyperlinks to Wiki, Youtube, etc. I think its great how whomever wrote the Film Connections lessons speaks as though they are a mentor or friend rather than a teacher with a class room full of people. I could never stant that pressure. I learned a lot already. I found all of it facinating. There are some realities to face that are mentioned; that this is not easy, but I already knew that. This lesson also reminded me that I have to be a genius, and film connections definition of genius makes me realize, that I am one. I am very ambitious and the pattern with the Auteurs are they DO NOT GIVE UP until they REACH their goal. I feel the same, I have that motivation despite all the whispering I get in my ear back here at home.

Speaking with Jacob was great, hes really, really nice. I wish I got to meet him in person but its okay anyway! I definitely need to ask him more questions and would love/need to finish our conversation about the synopsis I wrote. I feel a little bad I had to cut him off becaise my birthday dinner started early. So I am looking forward to talking to him next week :)

I also do not feel like the quizzes, blogging or writing assignments are tasks. Probably becasue I am truly interesting in what I am learning, motivated and excited. 

The first two meetings, sessions or what ever we call them with my mentor here in DC, Nicole, have been awesome. We got to know eachother some more which is obviously important. We get along which is great, share some of the same values (which is a huge plus for me), and she is so incredibly smart, talented and I am so thankful she is my mentor. She has already started challenging and started me going and I love that. I dont feel bad when she challenges me (not in a bad way) because I am not in a class room full of other people, which I could never stand. I have already learned a lot about directing, shooting, what a treatment looks like, different terms, I even have been able to learn about how to work a camera. She has really broken it down to me fast and its not simple but it isnt hard. She talks about how she wished her mentor told her some of these things that she had to figure out for months which really only took a couple hours to learn (practicing is a different story). 

Anyway, now time to read the rest of chapter 2, take my quiz, write my papers and I would also like to work on going through my list of synopsis.

Week one has been a sucess

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