Sandy HidroboMaryland Film Connection

Major: Cinematography

Sandy has been in the  beauty business for over 15 years, as a cosmetologist and makeup artist. For the past four years, Sandy has studied hard and accomplished one of her goals of attaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.  Sandy graduated with honors at the University of Phoenix, this past August. It was during these years, where Sandy has found another great passion. This time it is through filming, editing, and posting her own beauty tutorials on Youtube. Helping others feel good about themselves, inside and out, is very important to Sandy. In knowledge there is power, Sandy is a firm believer of that. When one finds something they are passionate about, it becomes second nature and learning takes on a whole new meaning.

Aside from business and learning, Sandy is a mother to two amazing boys that keep her busy. She loves each of their personalities and is in awe each time they reach their various growth milestones. Sandy and her boys reside in Maryland. The only downfall to living in Maryland is the cold weather. Sandy prefers the warmness of Florida! Taking long walks is another favorite pastime for Sandy, although there is never enough time. Disappearing inside a book or film, some other great forms of entertainment, are generally non-existent.

It is important for Sandy to accomplish tasks daily, she is great at multi-tasking and is aware of when a project needs her undivided attention. Sandy is a well rounded individual who cares about people, work, learning, and family.