Alexx BenatuilMassachusetts Film Connection

Major: Film

I'm a worker-storyteller. All my life I've strived to succeed at projects and explain the process of how it gets done. True from my days in youth circus troops learning to entertain physically to my days training laborers in factory type settings. I love to explain. Story telling with film first came into my life as a half-year course in my high school sophomore year. From then on I knew it was my passion. At twenty years of age I left the comfort of my Boston home to seek out my creativity in Brooklyn, New York. I found the strength, the strange and resilience those two years and received my initial formal education in Brooklyn College's film department. Traditional education should not be dismissed but as I said, "I'm a worker-storyteller". I switched gears 100% and began working for a well-known domestic airline. There in Baltimore MD I found more inspiration from those I met than I could have imagined. There is no replacement to living amongst your future audience when trying to learn what they think. Which brings me back to Boston. My home base for everything I've ever attempted. This Film Connection came into my view at the right time. I have the life experience to bring a fresh perspective to this craft I hope to make my own. I believe in the story. 

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