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A bit more detail about week one Posted on 2014-12-24 by Alexx Benatuil

In the mean time I've watched a few movies from the text book. Day of the Dead was a very cool concept and I feel I'm judging it the wrong way. I can't stop noticing the ridiculous delivery of lines when I should probably just watch it for what it is. A B-Zombie movie thats popular because it cool, not necessarily well done.

The next film I watched by all accounts I shouldn't have loved but I did. Dredd. I'm surprised too say I've watched it twice in two days and I can't get enough. This flick was efficient. Nothing wasted or misused. The bad guy is bad, you get one minute telling you so and no more charecter development on that. Dredd is the baddest good guy you've ever seen. That's it. Except for when he stuns the two young kids there's nothing else needed to say. No room for a romance either, thank goodness. I guess I liked this movie so much because its straight forward. If you want action and nothing else this movie does it's job!

A third film I want to discribe is "The Trip to Italy" starring Steve Coogan and Rob Briden as themselves. Two aging British actors deside to once again go on a road trip, sampling fancy restaurants, and writing about it for a magazine. Although this is a low key film, it wastes nothing just like Dredd. One opening scene telling you what they are doing, then they're in the car. It's a sequel so there is a certain expectaion to repeat it, and do it better, which I believe they have done. Getting a brief glance into what its like to grow older and mature is perfectly seen in a movie that like life doesn't ever really have a satisfying wrap up at the end. These two men are old friends with history and lives that continue to evolve. The changes that have occured in the men's charecters in between films are imagined by the audience. Fans of the first will see what I mean. 

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