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First day Posted on 2015-01-06 by Alexx Benatuil

1) Date of Session: 1/5/15

2) Time in:9:00am

3) Time out: 7:00 pm

4) Lesson #:1


Yesterday my mentor Jon Rizzo and I headed out to Haverhill to shoot footage for a Ski Bradford commercial spot. First we met at the office and I was introduced to a few people in the different departments as well as sit in on the weekly staff meeting. I get the feeling that although every one is on the same team projects and responsibilitys are split amongst individuals. By the end of the meeting everyone had a "To-Do" list for the coming week but each individual was trusted to complete the task. Not so much commitees but individuals. 

Once we got to the mountain Jon quickly took out his drone and Go Pro which he controlled while I film B-roll. I was left to my own divises but, Jon periodically checked in and asked questions that led me to what he wanted. Although right now I'm a bit nervous and would like someone telling me what to do shot by shot I can see that this management style will make for a better enviorment once I am more confident. 

Once I got home I looked at my footage and saw plenty of flaws. My own criticisms were that I moved around too much. Every time I thought I had the shot I moved. This unfortunatly left very little room for error. Although these 10 seconds are good the last 3 arn't so the shot as a whole can't be totally utilized. Just impatience leaking over from my other jobs that demand being fast rather than being specific. It's a rookie mistake and thankfully Jon wasn't to upset. He pointed out the good and bad, but focused on being constructive. Instead of just being disappointed in my own work I am thinking about the future. Combined with his interviews, drone shots, and hand held snowboarding shots we should get a nice video. As a challenge he's having me edit a video with only my own footage. I believe by the end I will really get an idea of how fast my "good" shots are used up.  

I think the most important thing to take from this lesson is patience. Let the action happen, you don't have to be panning left and right constantly to get everything one skier is doing. Finally get at least 4 versions of everything. Shoot wide, then med, then close, pan left, pan right, tilt up and down, but do each of these actions separately. Leave time between each action for the editor. 


Thats it for now as my video isn't going to edit itself. 

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