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what did i wait so long for? Posted on 2015-01-07 by Alexx Benatuil

1) Date of Session: 1/7/15

2) Time in:10:00am

3) Time out: 5:00 pm

4) Lesson #:3

Today in the office I set out to continue working on my Ski Bradford video and immediately ran into computer problems. Imovie, which is what I've always used let me know that importing 20min of footage was going to take 3 hours. Patience is a virtue but thats too much. I watched a few videos on youtube trying to speed up the process but to no avail. Taking my mentors advice I looked up Adobe Premier which is the standard in this office. Signed up for a free trial, watched 3 tutorials, and am alittle amazed at how amazed I am. This is by far a better program and in hindsight I should have done this long ago. The layers make it easy to find where to cut without running one clip into the other. The marker system makes cutting to music 100 times easier. The organization of the screen makes alot of sense. I'm so glad I downloaded the program. 

Other than that I'm started to get a flow with this video and am moving along. 

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