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Major: Directing/Screenwriting

Originally from Indiana, I moved to Michigan three years ago. The beaches, parks, and wildlife here captivated me. However, I stayed for the unlimited potential in Michigan’s growing film industry. Every month more and more films and television shows are shot in or around Detroit. The sky is the limit, and I am here to get a piece of the action.

I’ve had a passion from film since a young age. I used to think of movies in terms of the acting and story. I remember watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Star Wars, Batman, and scores of others repeatedly as a child, soaking up the story and the actors’ portrayals. As time went on, I looked past these elements and began noticing angles, tones, themes, and pacing. I learned what a director was and what he/she did. I began to think of movies in terms of direction. I realize both acting and story are integral to a good film, but directing is equally as important to the success of a movie.

I love film. I love talking about movies. I love watching them. I love loving them, and I love hating them. I cannot wait to start making my own. I want to leave my mark on this titanic industry. I have stories to tell and insights to share, and I can’t think of a better way to communicate them than through film.

Through my journey with Film Connection and Maiden Detroit, I hope to become the best possible filmmaker I can. Working with my mentors, I will soak up their knowledge and acquire their skills. I’m far past ready to turn my passion for film into a career. 

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Jarrod Vanzo

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