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Flint,Michigan Part 2 Posted on 2015-01-27 by Max McPherson


Time In: 6:30am

Time Out: 6:00pm

Lesson 6:

      The second day was even longer.  Our commerial for that day was for McLaren Hospital.  The commerical was filming different doctors that work for and at McLaren's hospital.  We had cue cards set up for them during each shoot. Shots were taken in many different locations at the hospital, so it was a rough time moving equiment to different floors. Sound was kind of an issue throughout the hospital and some doctors were extremely busy, which happens.  The crew and myself were patient.  If things went smoothly and the way they should hav been it wouln't have been quite a long day.  It was great meeting some of the doctors and cool to know what they did around the work place.  We had one inparticular that was running late for the shoot. Everyone was wondering what was taking so long.  Finally, the doctor shows up and says, "Sorry folks! I just got done with an operation and I am ready for my close up!"  I was just so amazed haha.  After that, the day was just better. Time went by fast and before I knew it the was over

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