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20 years old. Minneapolis. A passion for film and the people who make them. My passion stems from being a little girl in preschool who was asked what her favorite movie was. In front of a class of other preschoolers, I told my teacher \"Evil Dead\" while the other children were saying things like \"101 Dalmations\" and \"Lady and the Tramp\". Growing up, my family told me that story a lot and I started to think that although I was just a small child then, maybe it meant something. Fast forward 15 years to the day Wes Craven died. I grew up watching the Scream & Nightmare on Elm Street movies, so it was a very sad day for me. That day I just so happened upon Wes\'s twitter page; his most recent tweet read, \"Take the 1st job you can in the industry you want to get into. The job doesn\'t matter, getting your foot in the door does.\" I took Wes\'s tweet as a sign and began pursuing my dream and now here I am!





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Chapter 3 BlogPosted by Tatum L. Langley on 2017-03-03

This week I learned all about the mythos of characters and filmmaking. I learned about Joseph Campbell who became a great scholar in comparitive mythology during the great depression after he visited a museum and learned about Native American culture... Read More >>