Up In the Air. Winter's Bone. Escape From New York. The Lucky Ones. What do these noteworthy films share in common? All of them were shot in whole or in part on location in Missouri. While not a place many people think of as a film industry hub, Missouri's diversity of scenery and generous tax incentives make it an active spot for film and television production, with local, independent and major productions coming to the state to shoot. TV production is also popular here; Kansas City, MO, for example, provides the backdrop for the recent ABC Family series "Switched At Birth."

The people you find featured here are all highly qualified film professionals who have earned a reputation for excellence as students of the Film Connection of Missouri. Each of these talented individuals was trained on-site, on-the-set, and one-on-one by some of the top filmmakers in the business today. If you have professional film and production needs, you can't go wrong by visiting the websites of these film professionals to see what services they offer. If you'd like more information about the benefits of on-the-job learning with the Film Connection Film Institute, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Missouri Film Connection Students

Daniel Yarbrough

fifth lessonPosted by Daniel Yarbrough on 2017-11-20

The hierarchy of production is definitely one of the parts of film making I’m most unfamiliar with. I knew of course that there are many jobs involved in a film production but starting to actually break them down and see who is responsible is something I need to learn... Read More >>

Emmanuel Vazquez

Lighting with MentorPosted by Emmanuel Vazquez on 2017-11-07

This week we were assigned to go over lighting with our mentors, but we actually have gone over it weeks ago and now every time we have to set lights up for a shoot or for a crew, it comes with ease and I am more experienced that he allows me and trusts me to put all the key, fill and back lights up in the right area... Read More >>

Daniel Yarbrough

fourth lessonPosted by Daniel Yarbrough on 2017-10-21

Getting into the subject of writing is something I’ve looked forward to with these lessons. I find it kind of funny the topic of this chapter is Write What You Know when the course in explaining the idea also comes out against it... Read More >>