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third lesson Posted on 2017-10-11 by Daniel Yarbrough

This chapter on Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces was an interesting read. Heroes and their stores are what I lean towards both as a fan and a creator so I find the subject of breaking them down, noting the similarities of myth and their importance very interesting. At the same time I have never been someone who subscribes to the idea of the monomyth that all stories do or should follow within a certain structure. And I’m glad that the course here is more about the importance of understanding these archetypes and their use in story in order to use them to tell the best story you can but not strictly adhering to any specific structure or use of them.

The documentaries on Werner Herzog were good to watch and informative in covering a director and film I knew nothing about. I do feel like I came away from it with different feelings towards the man and his work then what the course may have be intending for me to get from it. While it’s true the man has an inspirational passion for film, I found his methods and motives to be more cautionary. I feel like there is a line between passion and dangerous obsession and it feels like he crosses it for my taste.


I’ve unfortunately been unable to meet up with Jon Trozzolo these past few weeks so have not been able to go over this assignment or continue working with him yet. He did send me to the site LinkedIn.com where I started up a profile though I have not worked to customize and manage it properly yet.


I had my first phone meeting with my screen writing mentor Rex Piano on Thursday October 5th. It was a good initial talk where I discuss the story I have for my script. I was able to ask him some of the questions I have about writing a screen play and he emailed me a copy of one of his scripts and a story break down to give me some initial idea of what I need to do. In return I emailed him a copy of the story notes I have so far. We had a fallow up call on Saturday October 7th to discuss what we had each read.

I found the samples he gave me were good and understandable, they gave me a good idea of what is expected in this kind of writing compared to the format of writing I’ve done in the past. He thought my story notes were a very good start and gave me some suggestions on how to expand on them to build it into an actual screen play.

Using that advice I’ve started writing my story out in more of the style I am used to writing in. The idea being that once I have this story fleshed out I can then transfer it into a script format. To help myself I’ve written a small outline for my story giving a basic idea of all the scenes I want to include in the story and a path for how the story will go. I will be seeing this week just how far I can get in writing this story before sending Rex my progress and discussing what I need to work on in our next conversation.

I am encouraged with the progress I’ve made on writing this story so far. I hope I can stick with it and find a technique for writing that works well for me.

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