Nicholas KlingermanMissouri Film Connection

Major: Directing, Producing, Screenwriting

Born and raised in the heartland in St. Louis, Mo I lived in a small suburb in the county where opportunities can be slim so you just have to work a little harder to achive your goals that are bigger than just a small suburb in the county. But anything is possible if you put your mind to it, just like my high school media teacher taught me when I decided to take media convergence my sophmore year of high school. She made sure everyone in the class worked as a team; she made sure we all had eachothers back and worked as one. It\'s kind of like this metaphor my teacher often would use; she compared our class to the gateway arch, we are the legs and we gotta rely on eachother because if one of us falls we all fall. The high school i went to renovated the media center the year i joined the program. It truly was a state of the art facility with a radio station that actually is licensed by the FCC and a tv studio. With that new tv studio my teacher created a class called TV news and I was one of the original class members. We weren\'t just a high school tv news class in a small suburb in St. Louis we were more; my teacher had a vision that we weren\'t just going to report on stuff in the classroom or in the school we were going to report on real issues and thats what we eventually did. In 2014 when the riots in Ferguson, Mo begin over the shooting death of an african american teenager by a white police officer it effected our entire region causing nationwide protests as well. A few local St. Louis organizations decided to create and event called the \"Student Summit on Race\" to bring all the local St. Louis public high schools together to help with racial tensions in our region make a positive change starting with the future leaders. We called this \"Gateway2Change\" this give us the opportunity to report on something real and give students a platform and a safe place to speak and tell their stories. This was almost like the catalyst for our TV news program making us nationally recognized program where we accepted awards from STL Journalism, the state of Missouri, and even NYC. We got visits from HEC TV, St. Louis Post Dispatch, and local news stations which motivated us to give students a platform, encourage student jounalism, and report on more than just stuff in the classroom. Being apart of this program allowed me to know for sure that filming is what I wanted to do tell stories through film and make people feel something. So I decided to apply for film school and I came across film connection and was drawn into by the hands-on teaching which is the best way for me to learn and I was pared with my amazing mentor Bill Streeter. I got so many amazing opportunities working with him from filming CEO\'s of large companies and very influential people;    

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