Nebraska Filmmakers

Featured on this page are a number of talented filmmakers and film professionals who have the distinction of being trained on real film productions as students/graduates of the Film Connection Film Institute in Nebraska. These qualified professionals have all been mentored and instructed one-on-one by some of the top filmmakers in the industry--people with actual film credits similar to what you see listed above. We invite you to peruse the websites of these graduates to learn more about what services they can provide and what projects they've worked on. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of one-on-one training in film, please visit the Film Connection by clicking here.

Latest Blog Entries from Nebraska Film Connection Students

Sam Nault

Character Flaw Posted by Sam Nault on 2016-11-16

Looking back over the first two acts of my screenplay, Ron and I discovered that I'd made a pretty big mistake: my main love interest kind of falls off the map in act 2... Read More >>

Sam Nault

Halfway PointPosted by Sam Nault on 2016-10-12

After a few months of grinding out the first two acts of my script, I've almost reached the movie's midpoint. The midpoint is when the story will take off in a new direction, keeping the audience engaged and keeping the story building towards the climax... Read More >>