Lakes, mountains, ghost towns, barren deserts, and the famous Las Vegas strip. These are just a few of the backdrops that have made the state of Nevada a favorite location site for local, regional and major film and television productions over the years. Among the noteworthy movies that have been filmed here: Con Air, The Godfather, Diamonds Are Forever, Magnolia, The Island, Casino, Top Gun, and Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, just to name a few. Nevada in general (and Vegas in particular) is also a favorite shooting spot for television series, most notably "CSI" and of course, "Vegas."

Featured on this page are a number of quality filmmakers and film professionals who have proven their commitment to excellence as students of the Film Connection Film Institute of Nevada, having been trained and mentored one-on-one in real film production companies by some of the top industry professionals in film today. Please consult their individual websites to learn more about the services offered by these talented individuals. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of attending the Film Connection and learning the film industry on-the-job, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Nevada Film Connection Students

Falon Victorian

Chapter 2Posted by Falon Victorian on 2017-09-06

The highlight of the second chapter for me was realizing what genre I would belong too. Although I love watcing romace, comedy, and thrillers, my story telling woud fall under the drama category! Read More >>

Jason Yribar

InterviewPosted by Jason Yribar on 2017-08-31

Week two was coordinating with Darko for the next task. It was decided to do a interview of someone I know and see if i can can gleen something interesting about that person... Read More >>