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Week 1 (Why does this W look like it's fainting?) Posted on 2015-06-10 by Garrett Best

This first week of Film Connection went great! I was able to learn the general scope of what I will learn here at Film connection along with what will be expected of me down the road. I learned that there is more than just directing or producing. I need to become an auteur, an individual who has a clear vision of what direction to take a film project and how to keep everybody in sync with that vision. I discovered that a cast is important when making a film. They can either make or break a story line. I also have to be careful with setting a tone for a picture so it reflects on screen what is on set/in my head.

       When I met with my mentor, Joel Franco, I realized that sometimes you have to put yourself out there to get your work noticed and take risks to advance a film career. There are different ways to do so, but more affectively through physically networking and social media. He taught me the importance of being honest and following through with promises. We also Skyped for a while with Don Zirpola and discussed ideas for a current screenplay and how I can help with storyboarding using Story-O. Joel enlightened me on the importance of creating a safe work environment by being sensitive to the efforts of fellow co-workers. I was excited to hear him say, "Trust your gut when working on a project, and don't second guess yourself. You will learn if what's right or wrong soon enough."  I am currently writing a blog post for his website about what story means to me. I am definitely keeping busy between the online learning, working with Joel, prepping a screenplay, and a fulltime job. Time to get back to reading and watching movies!

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Week 4Posted by Garrett Best on 2015-07-06

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