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Week 3 Posted on 2015-06-30 by Garrett Best

Joel and I looked over some notes he and Don had been working on after discussing the roles of the characters and direction of the screenplay. I really liked the thoughts they had and actually agreed the vision for the movie. It was interesting to see how the story concept starts out as one idea and slowly transforms to something greater each time we meet up. There's a lot that goes into preproduction, most of which I don't fully get to be a part of yet, but it's fascinating to learn some of the steps at least. I like to think of it as the giant funnel where we focus on a broad scope and narrow down until we have something of value. 

Each time we meet, we are able to pinpoint a different problem with tone, character roles, etc. We constantly ask questions like do we need this to happen or is there a way to eliminate such and such? I feel by the end of this surgical procedure we will have a different product altogether, but it is necessary. Joel mentioned how we don't want to force anything too much by over-controlling every detail. There needs to remain a natural instinct within the script. 

It's fun to be able to throw out ideas of what I think could/should happen and give input. I get to help give my interpretation for different scenes, characters, etc. We definitely have a lot of work to do before the film ever comes to life. 

I also wanted to take a minute to talk about the movies I am watching which are inspiring me as I attempt to write my own screenplay (without going into too much detail). Some of these movies work and others not so much, but I have learned something from each of them. Some endings are terrible while some beginnings are horrible. I have discovered that I want to be able to portray the reality of life in my own story without it becoming a caricature of itself. I feel like a lot of these movies have an original idea but lose focus on character or subplot instead of sticking to the story. Hopefully, I can create something genuine  with a hint of magic without losing the beauty of story. 

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