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Major: Directing

To keep this short, and to keep it sweet, I am only going to give the biography of my love of film, and my lust for making films.

In High School, most of my classes focused around my general interest of story telling, creative writing, poetry, and all those other run of the mill small town high school classes, but one in particular set me on the course that I want to follow until the end of my days. It was called Film Appreciation, and damn it I learned to appreciate film! Turns out the system does work sometimes, can't say math class stuck to me quite as much, sorry math.

At the same time as high school I started working at the pool, never left until recently. It was a perfect place for someone like myself to sit, think, and occasionally look cool by saving a life. While at the pool ive been able to pursuit all of my writing and film interests, even showcase my humor by doing some stand up comedy here or there. For this I will always love the pool, and the kids that worked there.

It takes a certain kind of person to be a lifeguard, fist and most importantly they should know how to swim. Secondly there is an attitude, an expectation that you need to be able to live up to, people will test this, it's a guards job to make the tester look like a fool. Enough about my obsession with pools.

My passion in this life is story telling, I like to use description to put my mental image into someone elses brain. honestly, it can make a real mess sometimes. Thats what I like best about my major, I get to make brain messes on a larger scale, and I would like to be so proficient at it that people will need to start carrying umbrellas when rumors of something im working on are heard.

To sum up this nonsensical biography I would just like to say, any small amount of a chance I ever get I will turn into something that will make a person better for, even if it is just for a second... you know like making them happy or something. also if you bet on me you've won.



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