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Network, Network, Network! Posted on 2013-02-08 by Iris Chinchilla

I am headed to LA/Hollywood for a few days. It's all about who you know they say. In that case I wanna know everyone! I am not sure what this weekend will bring, but you can't sit around and wait for it to come to you. I am studying the directing part of the program and it's what I want to do so it's got me encouraged. I am already working on a couple projects that include characters from a reality series on Showtime which I cannot disclose yet, but it will be my first documentary. THANK GOODNESS I have some credible people to be in it at no cost. How? It's all about who you know. Touche'! Ok off to LA to shake some hands and create more projects! 



Homework is on hand to keep me occupied on the road!

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