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Halloween and a SNOOP DOGG Music Video, all in a first days work! Posted on 2014-11-12 by Jessica Ryder

10/31/14   1:30pm- 1:00am 

I had no idea when I woke up on Halloween morning I'd be asked to dress up for a Snoop Dogg music video!!... But before we get to that it all started with a simple text message from my amazing mentor, Rick Barcode. I had been counting down the days & hours until my first official start date (Thursday, Nov. 6th) as an Intern at 1905 Studios thanks to the Film Connection program!

"We have a rap video at the studio today with some guys from out of town and I could really use an extra set of hands to assist me with it. Can you come in?"

I swung by a hardware store, bought my heat resistant gloves and made it there in 30 mins!

From the moment I walked through the door, till the moment I walked out I was learning! The "guys from out of town" ended up being Snoop and his team. Although, excited to see a ledgend at work, my learning cap was on tight! There was a lot going on around us, but my mentor Rick never once did something without explaining exactly what the purpose was. We were mainly on lighting so I got a crash course in Fresnel 1Ks 2Ks, Devos, creating daylight temperatures, the Kelvin scale & even the magic of foam core! Most importantly I learned that lighting, especially in this situation, was never by chance. Every inch was methoically thought out and created.

My intership is primarilly in the editing process but just as in any career position, I am so grateful to see and learn about ALL of the moving parts because they are all key to the final picture that is painted. :)

When you are part of a team you do anything that needs to be done in order to complete the shoot. Even if it means playing the part of a hooker in a music video! 

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