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Major: Screenwriting

I\'m not the most well-traveled person, but coming from the small town of Bayville, New Jersey, I am led to believe that people from small towns usually have big dreams. Many of my peers have pursued their passions whether it be musical, theatrical, professional sports, or even social media sensations, a majority of the people I\'ve grown up around have not let much get in their way on their paths to success. And I don\'t plan to be any different. I did briefly attend a university as well as two community colleges but I couldn\'t apply myself knowing I was not following my dream. After realizing my passion for writing and combining it with my passion for films, I knew that screenwriting was a dream worth pursuing.

I\'ve been to New York City once in my life and brought about one hundred dollars of spending money with me. I spent a portion of the money on dinner but I only bought one other thing while I was there. I bought a copy of the screenplay for the Coen brothers film, Inside Llewyn Davis, for twenty dollars from a street vendor. Because of my strong interest in folk music, it is one of my favorite movies. In a city full of bright lights and interesting people and places, the thing that interested me most was a copy of a screenplay. That was probably the exact moment I fully discovered my passion.

My interests include music (folk music in particular,) movies, TV shows, writing, and sports such as baseball, basketball, football, and volleyball. Hobbies of mine are usually based around my interests. I enjoy jamming out to folk music in my car alone which I think is something most people you meet wouldn\'t say. I also like to play pick up football or basketball games. I would prefer a night at home writing or watching a movie over a night out partying, having a night alone always gives me some sense of solitude. What I really like about my major, which is screenwriting, is that it is really about taking an idea from your head and making it something tangible. I like that the course is solely focused on writing for this particular major so all my time and energy can be put into writing a perfectly constructed screenplay rather than being concerned about aspects of being a director and/or producer.

I look forward to a career as a screenwriter and I also look forward to the connections and relationships I will be making along the way. It\'s very exciting to finally be doing work and assignments I am passionate about.

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