Taj FrancoisNew Jersey Film Connection

Major: Editing

Im an experienced video editor and cinematographer with a diverse set of skills.

I worked within a tv studio and learned how to run camera, soundboard, special effects generator, character generator, lighting grid, green screen, and lighting the studio for a news segment. I have also learned directing, cinematography, advanced editing, lighting design for tv and movies, screenwriting, and sample acting classes.

At RedlineStudios I am currently getting more advanced with editing techniques and being put on more advanced sets to be able to work at a higher level of productivity.

I have worked as a PA for a pilot episode for a Comedy Central set and as PA for a CW television network set. I have worked as DP/Cinematographer for 2 Lookoutpointfilms projects(1 web series, 1 pilot tv episode). I also worked as editor for the pilot tv episode for Lookoutpointfilms

most recent credits are working on a currently ongoing web series called "Chasing Fairy Tail" as Sound Recordist, Media Manager and Gaffer.

My main passion is video editing but I always love to be on a good set as a cinematographer or even smaller roles such as gaffer or sound recordist. They all play their own part in telling the story in an efficient way.

When I'm not working for others, I am working on my own short films working to sharpen my own skills as much as possible, constantly learning from each individual project.