While New York City is second only to Los Angeles for the size and activity of its film industry, the rest of the state of New York also sees plenty of film activity, both from local production companies and major film studios who come to New York for location filming. The state itself is very film-friendly, enticing many of these productions with generous tax incentives and additional assistance through its film office. Examples of high-profile films that have done location shooting in New York include Salt, The Time Machine, Lolita, The Other Guys, The Alphabet Killer, Tuck Everlasting, The Natural, Bruce Almighty and others.

The people you see featured here are all qualified filmmakers who have the distinction of learning on-the-job as students of the prestigious Film Connection Film Institute of New York. These talented individuals have all been mentored and trained by some of the top film professionals in the industry while working in real film production houses and on the set of actual productions. If you have professional filming needs, you can't go wrong by consulting the professional websites of these filmmakers to see what services they offer. For more information about the benefits of attending the Film Connection, click here.

Latest Blog Entries from New York Film Connection Students

Mazel Shak

Lesson 3Posted by Mazel Shak on 2018-03-13

- You dont get what you need without asking, you will never know if you dont ask - You need a foundation, when there is a will there is a way - If you want good and cheap, its going to take a long time = The good, fast, and cheap diagram Read More >>

Mazel Shak

Lesson 2Posted by Mazel Shak on 2018-03-05

- It's important to ask yourself a lot of questions about the characters and write them all down, as many as possible  - Go down the path of development-explore options, identify them - Look at models of other material to see how their developed    Read More >>

Gabriel Guzman

Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.Posted by Gabriel Guzman on 2017-09-18

I finished reading the first two chapters and they pretty much fed my insatisable thirst for film. I love reading things I'm passionate about, it's like opening Pandora's Box minus all the deadly plagues that came from it but with newfound knowledge to add on to what I already know... Read More >>