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Major: Cinematography/ Editing

Hello, my name is Miguel Duval and I'm orginally from New York City. I lived in the city for about fourteen years before moving down south, to Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a hard transition for me but I made the most of it. I attended my last year of high school in NC, and I also attended a community college (CPCC). I went to school for several years and later landed a position in Logistics for a company called Harris Teeter. I was with Harris Teeter for about four and a half years, but later came to realize that, that wasn't something I would see myself doing for the rest of my life. I wasn't happy!

I've always had an interest for the film industry but I never wanted to be in the action sorta speak, always wanted to be behind the scenes. With that being said, I started to do some research. I started to research schools and what kind of programs they offered for what I wanted to go for (Cinematography / Editing). I came accross a school named Film Connection and saw that it was more mentor based rather than a typical traditional based school, which would be considered more classroomed based. With that in mind, I started to gain interest as I found out more information about the school. As I gained more knowledge about the school and was interested in the stuff that they offered, I decided to give it a shot and attend Film Connection. I knew for a fact that if I was going to attend any type of film school, I did not want to be taking any type of class in Charlotte. I wanted to move to New York City for school, so I relocated and I'm happier than ever. I feel like it's been the best decision I've made and I can't wait for what the future holds. 

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Miguel Duval

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