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Interning with Halfyard Productions Posted on 2015-10-08 by Sydney Goin

I had my first two days of interning last week with Halfyard Productions. They are a production company that does production and post-production for shows on TLC. They're having us work on a show called "Say Yes to the Dress." Most of the internship involves watching raw footagea and transcribing word for word what is being said, and time stamping these transcriptions. This is to help the assistant editors so they don't have to watch a whole twenty minute long video in order to pick out the section involving the bride's reaction to dress number one. 

They told me that there are rare opportunities for interns to go on set if they need help. We also get paired up with an assistant editor who will show us some editing basics. I'm looking foward to these parts of the internship because transcribing interviews with gushing brides and their lady friends is quite boring. 

Also, I've been reading a book by legendary director, Sidney Lumet, called "Making Movies." I find it really helpful to supplement the online textbook with this book, becuase it goes into a bit more depth in explaining things like above and below the line producing. It's also entertaining to read. 


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