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Assignment 5 Posted on 2017-02-21 by Zainab Raza

These past few weeks I have been creating my resume as a production assistant. With my screenwriting mentor, I started the rewrite for my script, Ballpark. I have changed a lot of it to make it clear for readers, and eventually (hopefully) viewers to understand. My assignment this week is to write a paragraph per scene for Act I so I can get the sequencing down. I learned that I’m not writing a story, I’m writing about my character’s story. So I have to take the time and understand my protagonist to write a script that honors my perception of her. I have been learning a lot from the both of my mentors, and it motivates me to fearlessly pursue this field so I can achieve success in the future. In the meantime, I’m writing different premises for the shorts I’ll be directing in New York.

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