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Week 1- Off to a great start Posted on 2017-06-03 by Ziyad Baksh

This week I had my first two skype calls with Dean Ronalds, my mentor for the program. Right now we are just setting things up and he's been talking about the habits and methods I need to have in order to get on track. Some of it I knew and weren't doing as much as I should and some of it I didnt even realize I had to. 

I had trouble with the logline assignment and my screenwriting tutor Elliot was able to help. I was able to do the assignment and he thought my ideas were cool but I had problems with making it personal.  I knew the emotions I was trying to convey but I didn't really know how I wanted things to end. We talked about doing an outline for my stories and i think I should do an outline for my other duties for Dean.

I feel excited and nervous about the program now that its officially started but it's a good feeling. 

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