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Week 2- learning how to always be doing Posted on 2017-06-11 by Ziyad Baksh

This weeks chapter is about the history of film and it explain what a genre is. Most of it I knew from previous classes but it's nice to get a refresher and learn some new things. The assignment of watching 6 films and writing about it is gonna take a while to finish. My mentor set me on the task of filming some footage and editing it on my phone so that's taken first priority for me.

That's the first step in me making my own short film and it is pretty fun trying to film my friends playing basketball. I download the editing app for my phone and I'm curious how its gonna work with my phone. This program has been helping me learn how to multitask and balance priorities and time management which were skills I need to get better at. Either way as long as I'm always doing something I'm making progress.

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