Shashank MishraNorth Carolina Film Connection

Major: Film Direction, Production and Screenwriting

I live in Charlotte and am currently enrolled in the RRFC film school where I am learning about film directing, screenwriting and production. 

I have experience in script writing and completed professional and advanced screenwriting workshops in 2014 and 2015.

In directing, my ambition is to develop my own style. In production my goal is to learn as much as I possibly can through doing. I have very good mentors at my studio who are helping me accomplish this. I intend to learn from and make the most of their expertise in sound engineering. 

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Shashank Mishra

Green Screen TrialsPosted by Shashank Mishra on 2016-05-20

We learned to set up and use a green screen and keying in on FCP10. This was a lot of fun. I learned the following things: If there's nobody in the background of a given scene use a still photo If there are people in the background of a given scene then you'll need stock footage, original footage... Read More >>