Would it surprise you to learn that many famous films have been shot on location in Ohio? Thanks in part to a diversity of locations, and in part to some of the most generous tax incentives available in the nation, Ohio sees plenty of film industry activity from local, indie and major film companies. Among the films shot in the state: Air Force One, The Ides Of March, Unstoppable, Rain Man, Traffic, A Christmas Story, The Soloist, and The Avengers, just to name a few.

This page features a number of filmmakers and film professionals who have demonstrated their commitment to excellence as students of the Film Connection of Ohio. As opposed to receiving conventional classroom-based instruction, each of these talented professionals have learned their skills on-the-job in real film production companies and on the set, having been trained one-on-one by some of the top film professionals in our industry. Please consult their websites to find out more about what projects they've worked on, the services they offer, and how they could meet your professional filming needs. If you'd like to know more about the benefits of attending the Film Connection yourself, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Ohio Film Connection Students

J.F. Arthurs

Catchup Blog Lessons 3/19/2018-5/7/2018Posted by J.F. Arthurs on 2018-05-08

So I'm not great at keeping up with these (obviously), but I've been doing a lot in my lessons.  I was shown some highly explanatory documentories on a multitude of filmmaking subjects, like editing and editors, the place of a good score and what a "good score" even means, some information on VFX, directors explaining their entries into hollywood, and a few more... Read More >>

J.F. Arthurs

Lesson 3, 3/12/18Posted by J.F. Arthurs on 2018-03-13

4:30p-7:30p In this lesson, we were shown a presentation on effective storytelling in editing, and given raw footage of a horror short, and given time to edit it in a way that would be effective... Read More >>