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My name is Ian McShane. I am 23 year old film enthusiast that currently works at target. I work in electronics and I get really embarrassed when someone asks me to sell them a camera and I reply with. I have no idea how it works. So yeah, So far not off to a great start. But I am glad and excited about Film Connection.

I want to learn all I can with the business. My main interests are editing and screen writing. I want to write massive fantastic fantasies and watch them come to life on the big screen. I want to move an audience with my unique movie and video editing skills. I just love how you can manipulate footage into something that makes sense on the big screen. I love everything about film.

I used to play with action figures when I was a kid. I would build huge weapons out of legos and play doh. I would create these fun worlds for my characters to act and fight in. I didn\'t realize it then, but now I sort of see it as me expressing my vision for film through my toys. So yeah I pretty much started at a very young age.

I always wanted to take my fantasies from my brain and put them on paper. I used to want to be a writer but I soon realized that writing a book is really really complicated. I thought to myself. Who can I write out my ideas for stories in a more simplified fashion, but still get the point across? And then bam it hit me. I\'ll just write them like a movie script. That\'s pretty much half the pages and I also could get the chance to get them made into a movie. So I guess that\'s where I learned to love writing screen plays.

I\'m really excited to start my new chapter in life with Film Connection. So far they have set me up well and I hope to learn a lot.

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