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Just Getting Started Posted on 2015-04-12 by David Warner

Well, it's been a great week! I met my mentor Jim awhile back now, and I think he can teach me a lot. He made me feel comfortable and excited to begin our working relationship. Last week I completed my chapter one assignment. I think I'm gonna like this! So, this week, I've chosen a movie idea to develop. I've been thinking about it all day! It can be hard, but mostly, its rewarding when you can impress yourself by imagining something great! Anyway, I mostly just wanted to get used to my student page and throw in a blog entry real quick. I'm looking forward to seeing where Film Connection can take me before I have to stretch my legs for real. So, I think that, in the spirit of spreading a mantra, I will quote Ryan Connolly at the end of each post by signing off...."Write, Shoot, Edit, Repeat" :) good day!

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