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The First Lessons Posted on 2015-10-13 by Seth Brown

Ocober 12, 2015 - Lessons 1-2

I feel this first blog entry reflects the first couple of experiences in the program as well as with my mentor. 

I am very happy with my mentor. He has had me on several productions for the past couple of weeks including filming and the beginnings of editing a documentary which has been my favorite.

He has introduced me and placed me to work hands on with a couple of his colleagues who he defines as auteurs in their respective fields. They have accepted me with open arms and treat me as an equal which I really appreciate even as a 18 year old intern. I am delighted everytime they ask MY opinion on things they are working on.

I am looking forward to more and more time spent with Brian and his team. I also really want to see this documentary in it's final form that I contributed even the littlest amount to.



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