While many people might not think of the state of Oklahoma as a hotspot for filmmakers, the reality is that this state sees plenty of film opportunities, both from local production companies and major productions that come to Oklahoma for location shooting. The state is very film-friendly, offering some of the highest tax incentives available for filmmakers who choose to film in the state. Oklahoma has provided a backdrop for many high-profile film productions, such as The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, The Killer Inside Me, Twister, Rain Man, Transformers, Phenomenon and The Frighteners, to name a few.

Here on this page, youll find featured a number of film professionals, all of whom have the distinction of receiving a top-shelf film education through the Film Connection of Oklahoma. Each of these filmmakers has been personally mentored and trained in real production houses and on the set by some of the top film professionals in the industry today--and each is highly qualified to handle your film production needs. Please visit the professional websites of these talented people to learn more about what services they offer.

If youd like more information about training as a filmmaker in real production facilities, you can find out more by visiting the Film Connection website.

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Cameron Smith

Blog Post #1Posted by Cameron Smith on 2017-08-28

Last week was my first week in the program, and it's already been an interesting experience. On Monday, 8/21/2017, I did my did my first quizz and scored an A, which was pretty exciting... Read More >>