While Oregon is not thought of by many as a "hot spot" for film, the fact is that this state's natural beauty, diversity of scenery and generous tax incentives have made it a popular place for location television and film productions and location shooting. Notable films shot in Oregon include Kindergarten Cop, The Goonies, Stand By Me, The Guardian, Swordfish and Twilight, to name a few. Additionally, Oregon has served as a backdrop for popular television series such as Leverage and Grimm.

The individuals featured on this page are all professional filmmakers and film professionals who have received a state-of-the-art film education as students/graduates of the Film Connection Film Institute in Oregon. Personally mentored by some of the top filmmakers in the industry, and trained on-the-job and on the set in real Oregon production companies, each of these professionals is highly qualified to help with any professional filming needs you might have. Please consult their websites to learn more about what services they offer, as well as their past projects and clients.

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Latest Blog Entries from Oregon Film Connection Students

Brooke Tadesse

Twelfth Week In Film ConnectionPosted by Brooke Tadesse on 2017-04-06

Is it weird that I completed the chapter for Crappy First Drafts but my first draft isn't completed yet? I mean I know that up until this point my screenplay is very crappy (I would definitely use another word for it if this wasn't a school blog) so therefore it's definitely going to be a crappy first draft, so I guess it's ok... Read More >>