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Major: B.S. Business Administration

Hey there name is Blake Laitner. I was raised in South Florida with my loving parents Mort and Shelley, and my two older brothers Travis and Jason. I received a B.S. in Business Admin from Plymouth State University located in New Hampshire. Along with my education, I was involved in extra curricular activities which include intramural sports, event marketing, and WPCR 91.7 Plymouth State Radio. I now live in beautiful Eugene, Oregon where I work and play. I'm currently employed by Wild Duck Cafe, working with the kitchen staff along with my film making journey which start now with Film Connection and AO Creative. I enjoy watching films, sports, and listening to music. My life goal is to make films that makes a difference. 


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Blake Laitner

12/17/13 New BlogPosted by Blake Laitner on 2013-12-18

Today I went to the studio, I work on editing a 30 sec segment on a wedding, telling a story in 30 seconds. Ryan and I also work on some shoot with a camera in a park, Ryan show me how you can turn a mental object in to a basketball hoop by the way you shoot it... Read More >>

Blake Laitner

Notes On Editing (Four Blog)Posted by Blake Laitner on 2013-11-08

I took editing notes yesterday, I can't wait to do some editing my self. I don't have a third plot yet someone said I should back a porn called Sascrotch it was a good title, I told him I 'm not interested in making a porno, not much diaglog... Read More >>