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So much newness Posted on 2019-02-03 by Johanna Bradford

My work ethic from a previous project with my previous mentor impressed a producer enough to invite me to work on a music video for the trans community. Was a thrilling experience.  The video/song is launching on NPR. I'm still sword to secrecy at this point, or I'd post a link to the video. Also, I now have my first IMBD credit.

Upon completion of this project, it led to being invited to work on a crowd funding project for a proof of concept short to fund a feature of the same story.

Decided to go a different direction and met with new mentor Nick Maguarn, second generation filmmaker in Portland, OR. Already assisting him with client projects. Area of focuse; producing, directoring, writing. Better fit. Very excited.

Joined Metro East, Open Signal, and Women In Film - Portland Chapter for connections and workshops. Loving the new tools and perspectives.

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