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Lesson 1 with Rocco Michaluk Posted on 2018-02-10 by Giovanna Caruso

Date of Session: 2/8/2018

Time in: 10:00 AM

Time out: 12:00PM

Lesson #:1

We started the lesson by opening the website and picked a total of four different movies. We looked at all the info on them analyzing every single aspect. We talked about budgets and gross and the differences between film and digital, agreeing with the fact that while film gives a more organic look, it needs eventually to be converted it into digital and that process is not only longer but also really expensive compared to just opt for digital in the first place.

We briefly covered the genre topic and why some movies belong to different genres at the same time.

We watched as many trailers as we could from each movie and talked about the differences in them and the reasons behind them.

One of the topics that we covered that I've found enlightening was the reasons why movies usually are not longer that two hours. These reasons being:

1. Budget: filming more scenes increases expenses.

2. Spectator: a longer movie will definetly cause a loss of focus and enjoyment until the end of the movie.

3. Theater: Shorter movies have more showings which increases earnings.

At the end of the lesson we talked about our course of action in regard of what I want to learn and accoplish.

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