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A dose of reality.. Posted on 2015-11-17 by Michelina Friss

Saturday November 14th,2015



Today I had the AMAZING priviledge of going on set for the shooting of the sizzle reel for a possible reality show called Ghost Gals. It focused on four women who visit alleged haunted locations looking to communicate with ghosts and spirits and to see what they can uncover about the afterlife. There was an executive producer, a producer, an assistant producer,  DP, and two others on the film crew. That was the first time I had ever been on set with all of those roles working together, each with a separate goal to accomplish. It's one thing to read about it in a textbook, but its another to see that play out in a real life setting and to see how things work.

It was incredibly helpful to see how the different roles had to work together and how when opposing opinions came to the surface, how it had to be worked out. It was interesting to see which "title" had alittle more influence than others and who was accountable to who. All day long, I felt torn between two screaming opinions inside of me: One saying," Oh my gosh! I could never do something like this! This is way too much work, and there is so much risk involved and so much luck that you would have to have to even become remotely successful! And, IT'S SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!! That alone scared me enough in itself. 

But the other side of me was enthralled at the thrill of making one of your own  ideas or stories come to life. It's one thing to be at the drawing board and have an idea that sounds great. But to actually go on location and do the kinesthetic action of making your story is one of the most exciting things that a storyteller of any capacity could do.  It would make them feel alive in a way that nothing else can. And I really do believe that that "feeling" and that something deep down inside of you that is burning to release the story is what makes people pursue film. It is what keeps you going and digging in and putting in the hard work that other people might deem crazy.

All in all, I was sincerely grateful and thankful for having the opportunity to go on set for the day. The experience was very educational and I learned alot!



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